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May 26, 2021

Step By Step XRP Climb Again

 It looks like XRP is ready to start the ascent after plunging to the hardest level to break in previous trades around $ 0.60- $ 0.70.

While awaiting the full results of the SEC-Ripple conference which is still continuing until the next few weeks, XRP was able to make a rise to test the $ 1.0 price level in today’s trading.

XRP's hardcore investors continue to wait and wait for the news on the final results of the conference which will determine the next direction that XRP will achieve.

Investors are still puzzled over whether the $ 3.0 level will be reached in 2021, as most XRP analysts had anticipated about its potential before.

Looking at the XRP/USDT price movement chart, the price is testing the SBR (support become resistance) level around $ 1.0 and has made a rise up to the $ 1.07 high before moving slowly around the $ 1.0 price.

Will the price of XRP be able to soar even higher this year after the lawsuit trial between the SEC and Ripple is over?

If the bulls manage to break the $ 1.0 SBR level, the next SBR level around $ 1.40 will be tested first before heading to the resistance levels around $ 1.60 and $ 1.90 for higher upside expectations.

If the expected increase is met, it will be a benchmark for XRP to show even more devastating gains.

The situation will also give ‘sweetness’ to XRP’s hardcore investors who have been waiting for it to reach the all -time high (ATH) level that was once recorded around $ 3.0.

On the other hand, if XRP returns to grief to investors by making lower declines, perhaps the previous support level around $ 0.60 will be the focus to be tested and will be assessed whether the support zone is able to support the rise again.

As of 4.30pm local time, the price of XRP had soared over 10% before moving slowly around the $ 1.0 price.