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May 5, 2021

US Seizes 3.97 Million Top Glove Gloves!

 The U.S. Department of Customs and Protection (GST) in Cleveland seized 3.97 million disposable gloves manufactured by Top Glove Corp Bhd's subsidiary, valued at $ 518,000 following allegations of forced labor.

In a statement, the agency informed that the seizure was made after an inspection by GST officers showed that the disposable gloves were manufactured in Malaysia by Top Glove's subsidiary.

“This seizure sends a clear message that GST will not tolerate imported goods produced by forced labor, which is a modern form of slavery that affects vulnerable workers and threatens our economy.

"GST has always facilitated the importation of legal PPE required for the Covid-19 pandemic in addition to ensuring that the PPE is authorized and safe to use," said Cleveland Area Port Director Diann Rodriguez.

On March 29, GST ordered its officials at all US ports to confiscate disposable gloves manufactured in Malaysia by Top Glove.

GST claimed the existence of the use of forced labor based on some evidence during the Top Glove glove production process including debt arrears, excessive overtime, uncomfortable working and living conditions as well as the retention of identity documents.

Meanwhile, the glove manufacturer last month announced it had completed all 11 International Labor Organization (ILO) forced labor indicators and expressed its assurances to shareholders on its continued efforts to improve the well -being of its workers.

"We continue to work closely with GST for the speedy settlement and withdrawal of the Release Detention Order (WRO) and remain hopeful that the WRO will be withdrawn," Top Glove said.

At 12.24pm, Top Glove shares traded eight sen lower at RM5.37.