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June 11, 2021

BTS Meal Handler, 4 McDonald’s Indonesia Branches Closed!

 Several leading fast food outlets, McDonald’s had to close in Indonesia due to excessive demand for its new menu, BTS Meal.

Indonesian authorities had to issue a temporary closure order for fear of a new Covid-19 cluster.

"We temporarily closed four of the six McDonald's branches in Semarang for a few days.

"I don't want Semarang to be a red zone anymore," said the head of the Semarang public order agency, Fajar Purwoto.

Several photos released by the news agency showed food deliverymen flooding McDonald’s branches in Indonesia and some said they had to wait up to 2 hours to take orders.

The Jakarta authorities said in a statement that 32 branches had to be closed in the city and it was likely that more branches would be closed in other cities across the country.

However, McDonald’s assured the public that the menu will be available until next month and customers will not have to rush to get it.

According to McDonald's Indonesia representative, Sutji Lantika, customer safety is his priority.

Indonesia recorded an increase in its daily Covid-19 cases when it recorded 7,725 cases last Wednesday, the highest since February 26.

The phenomenon of BTS or known as Bangtan Boys around the world can no longer be denied. Their latest song titled ‘Butter’ broke the global record when it was released last month.

The group also beat out leading stars like Taylor Swift when grabbing the best album award for last year.

Reportedly, BTS has millions of fans calling themselves A.R.M.Y. worldwide.

According to the Business Insider site, customer attendance at McDonald’s branches in the United States (US) increased by 12% in the first week the menu was launched.

So it's no wonder why the BTS Meal menu has become so popular that McDonald's branches have had to close.