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June 22, 2021

DigiByte (DGB) Has a More Sophisticated Smart Contract!

 DigiByte is an open-source and asset creation blockchain platform developed in October 2013, while the DGB token genesis block was mined in January 2014 as a Bitcoin (BTC) fork.

Created by Jared Tate also known as DigiMan.

DigiByte uses five different algorithms to improve security, and originally aimed to improve security standards on the Bitcoin blockchain, transaction capacity and speed.

More interestingly, DigiByte consists of three layers, namely the smart contract "App Store", public ledger and core protocol that displays the nodes on the transaction to communicate.

Looking at the DGB/USDT chart, the DGB price movement is seen to have seen a jump of over 700% in the 4 months from January to April 2021 by recording the latest all -time high (ATH) level at the price level of $ 0.18 on 1 May.

However, the surge could not be sustained when the price of DGB declined again to the level of SBR zone (support become resistance) around $ 0.07 in line with the fall of Bitcoin (BTC).

After that, the price movement made a continuous decline up to the support level around $ 0.04- $ 0.05 at the opening of the June market and beyond.

The next expectation is that if the DGB price does not get support from positive sentiment, the DGB price is expected to make a lower decline and may pass the lows around $ 0.033.

That level is too risky for the DGB to either exhibit a rebound pattern or continue the decline to the lowest zone ever recorded before.

However, if the DGB price rises again, the SBR (support become resistance) zone around $ 0.07 will be the main focus for investors to be tested again before continuing to rise higher.