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June 24, 2021

Horizon Technology (ZEN) Architecture is Unmatched!

 Horizon is an interoperable blockchain system, supported by a decentralized node infrastructure.

Sidechain Horizen focuses on scalable data privacy that allows businesses as well as developers to build public blockchains using a unique sidechain technology known as Zendoo.

Horizon was launched in May 2017 by Robert Viglione and Rolf Versluis.

The uniqueness of Horizon lies in its sidechain architecture that can open up a wide range of potential real -world use cases.

Next, examine the current ZEN/USDT price movement chart.

Zen has recorded an excellent price movement by producing a jump of over 1,400% in the 2021 market to record the latest all -time high (ATH) at the price level of $ 168.15 on May 8.

After recording the ATH level, the price is seen failing to continue rising and declining more than 50% to the support level around $ 68 in line with the fall of Bitcoin (BTC).

At the opening of the June market, the price movement remained weak until making a decline to the lowest level around $ 52 which is the concern of investors.

For further expectations, the price is expected to pass the support level around $ 68 and head to the SBR zone (support become resistance) around $ 84.

If the price movement reaches that zone, it will be tested first before making a higher rise and heading to the next SBR zone.

However, if the ZEN price continues the bearish trend, the decline will again test the support level around $ 52 before heading to the lowest level ever recorded before.

At the time of writing, ZEN/USDT is trading at $ 65 jumping over 8% in the last 24 hours. The coin is currently ranked 80th on the crypto chart.