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June 25, 2021

Microsoft Is Now Worth US $ 2 Trillion!

 Microsoft is reported to be a company worth more than US $ 2 trillion.

The software developer reached that level on June 22 before its shares declined and returned above the US $ 2 trillion level at the end of yesterday's trading session.

The success was followed by the launch of Windows 11 by Microsoft yesterday and is a new version of its operating system after the introduction of Windows 10 over 5 years ago.

Microsoft’s value doubled, driven by demand for products like the Teams app that allowed multiple organizations to function during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Microsoft shares have jumped more than 600% since Satya Nadella replaced Steve Balmer as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2014.

During Ballmer’s 14 -year leadership era, Microsoft shares declined by 32%.

One of Nadella’s first steps was to reveal that Microsoft Office apps like Word and Excel will be present on iOS as well as Android devices. Prior to that, the application could only be used by smartphones that use Windows software.

A year later, Nadella announced a free update for Windows 10, unlike Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Nadella had worked in the division involving Azure software before taking on the role of CEO.

Throughout his tenure as CEO, Nadella has made public appearances and spoken about the use of Azure to leading firms such as the International Basketball Association (NBA), Volkswagen and Walgreens.

Azure is on track to become Microsoft’s largest business.

Microsoft under Nadella is more open and doesn’t mind working with its competitors. The company has partnered with competitors such as Red Hat and Salesforce in addition to adding Linux operating systems into Windows.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Windows 11 will support applications running Google's Android operating system.

According to investor Ben Horowitz, Microsoft today is a big company for ‘start-up’ companies to collaborate on, rather than seeing it as an entity to be feared.

Microsoft under Nadella has spent more than US $ 45 billion to take over firms like LinkedIn; video game developers Mojang and Zenimax as well as code storage service, GitHub.

In April, Microsoft agreed to take over speech-recognition company Nuance for $ 19.7 billion, including equity and debt.

In addition to Microsoft, Apple is also a company worth US $ 2 trillion.