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June 18, 2021

Nano (NANO) A Unique Modern Technology!

 Nano is dubbed the digital money for the modern world. It is a peer-to-peer platform based on a unique block-lattice architecture, giving each Blockchain account its own distinctiveness to enable instant transaction speed and unlimited scalability.

Launched in January 2018 by Colin LeMahieu.

Interestingly, the Nano is built around a technology called directed acyclic graph (DAG), this structure is highly reliable and allows the Nano to process as many as 1,000 transactions per second (tps) without the need for an energy -intensive mining network to maintain its integrity.

Nano’s mission is to be a global currency with instant transactions and no transfer charges through a secure and decentralized network.

Examine the current movement chart of the NANO/USDT price.

The price movement can be seen hovering horizontally to enter the SBR zone (support become resitance) again around $ 6.5 after being tested several times.

If the Nano price movement manages to enter the zone, it will be tested first before heading to the next SBR zone around $ 8.0.

However, if the price movement sees a decline and signals a bearish trend, the price movement is expected to continue to decline up to the support zone around $ 5.0 previously recorded.

At the time of writing, NANO/USDT is trading at $ 5.90. The coin is currently ranked 86th on the crypto chart.