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June 29, 2021

RAMP Technology Described As The Next Crypto Gem?

 RAMP is a decentralized protocol that aims to increase the use of DeFi by allowing non -Ethereum (ETH) users to stake tokens on the ETH platform.

At the same time, ETH users can interact with the RAMP protocol and indirectly can help it to improve its results.

RAMP technology allows capital accumulated from a non-ERC-20 blockchain to be secured into stablecoin known as rUSD issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

The creation of RAMP was founded by Lawrence Lim and Loh Zheng Rong and is supported by rapid economic growth that has reached over $ 300 billion by 2021.

Looking at the RAMP/USDT chart, the RAMP price movement is also not left behind to continue to decline in line with the value of Bitcoin which still failed to break the $ 40,000 price level.

The RAMP price is seen to continue to maintain the bearish trend on the June market movement and re-test the support level around the $ 0.13- $ 0.14 price.

If the $ 0.13- $ 0.14 support level manages to sustain the price surge as it was reached on May 24, the SBR (support become resistance) zone of $ 0.18- $ 0.20 will be tested again.

For a higher rise, the price reaction in the next SBR zone around $ 0.23- $ 0.25 will give an early indication before the price is expected to return to make a more aggressive rise.

On the other hand, if the RAMP price continues to decline, the support level of $ 0.13- $ 0.14 will be broken and will likely make a lower decline if the RAMP price movement continues to remain with a bearish trend.

The lower decline will push the RAMP price to record the latest all -time low (ATL) for the 2021 market movement.

As of 11.30am local time, the RAMP price made a slight jump above 2% to trade above the support level around $ 0.16.