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June 17, 2021

US-Russia Discuss Cyber Security Issues

 The agreement between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden to begin negotiations on cybersecurity will be an important step towards improving global security.

A Bernama report quoted an American computer scientist who specializes in cyber security, Chuck Easttom, as saying that the talks would also pioneer efforts to create guidelines in the virtual sector which have yet to be formed.

In a press conference after holding talks with Biden at Villa La Grange in Geneva yesterday, Putin said he agreed with Biden to start negotiations on cybersecurity.

He said cyber security was very important for the whole world, including Russia and the US.

"The two world powers have begun to discuss matters related to guidelines for cyber problems to reduce the dominance of the 'wild west' in the virtual world.

"This can improve global security and reduce the possibility of attacks on national infrastructure," Easttom said.

According to Easttom, the talks were ‘like a virtual version of the Geneva convention’.

However, the discussions are still at an early stage and it is not clear when further negotiations will be held.

Cyber ​​security became among the key issues to be discussed at the summit as several high -profile hacking attacks were carried out against U.S. infrastructure.

Although some have claimed that Russia was involved, Moscow has repeatedly denied all allegations.