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June 4, 2021

VRA - The Esport And Video Platform Of The Future

 Verasity is a protocol and platform for Esports and Video Entertainment browsers.

Significantly, Verasity’s mission is to increase the source of advertising revenue for publishers or creators of video content on any video platform that uses a layer of protocol built into the ‘blockchain’-called Proof of View (POV).

RJ Mark is the founder of Verasity with over 20 years of experience in managing product expansion and launch to become a well -known brand.

Not to be outdone, RJ Mark also specializes in making software since 1996 and has also provided various platforms for computers, MAC, Android and even iOS.

As a result, Verasity has managed to make a leap and generate a profit of over 13,000% starting at the market opening of 2021 until it hit an all -time high (ATH) level in mid -April at a price level of around $ 0.056.

Yet in trading during the end of April and May it can be seen it was not the best month for the VRA as it has returned to make declines to test the $ 0.012 support level.

On the VRA/USDT chart, it seems that the VRA price movement is still not successful to continue the higher surge when just testing the SBR zone (support become resistance) around the price of $ 0.025 and then return to make a decline.

The $ 0.012 support level will be the focus level for investors to test if the VRA price continues to decline. The level is also a level that is always re -supporting for the price to make a rise rather than fall lower.

If the price movement continues beyond the $ 0.012 support level, it is not impossible for the VRA price to re-test the price level during the opening of the 2021 market around the $ 0.001- $ 0.002 price.

On the other hand, if the VRA price movement is again supported by positive sentiment, the SBR $ 0.025 level will be retested before continuing the higher price climb.

For higher price increases, the next SBR zone around $ 0.04 will be tested first and will signal a clear trend change to investors.

If that expectation is met, the $ 0.056 ATH level will be retested and it is likely that the latest ATH level will be created.

‘Do Your Own Research’ before making a purchase and at the time this article was written Verasity coins can be purchased on the Kucoin, OKEx, DigiFinex, Gate.io and HitBTC platforms.

As of 4.00pm local time, the VRA price has slipped more than 15% to trade above the $ 0.017 price level.