July 8, 2021

Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) The Greatest DeFi Protocol

 Alpha Finance Lab is a DeFi platform that relies on the Ethereum blockchain network.

The platform aims to produce an ecosystem to DeFi products in addressing unmet needs in the industry and remain easy to use and accessible.

The Alpha Finance Lab network was launched in 2020 and the platform was founded by Tascha Punyaneramitdee who has extensive experience in global finance firms.

The first product built by Alpha Finance Lab was Alpha Lending as well as a decentralized lending protocol with algorithmically adjusted interest rates.

ALPHA is a ‘native token’ to Alpha Finance Lab used for the development of APC mining technology.

In addition, Alpha Finance Lab continued to earn drastic price spikes on the launch of its latest project.

Based on the ALPHA/USDT chart, it seems that the ALPHA price started the movement at the July market opening violently when it has made a jump above 100%.

The surge has also supported the ALPHA price movement to re-test the SBR (support become resistance) zone around $ 0.80- $ 0.90.

If the ALPHA price manages to continue the uptrend, the price is expected to break the SBR zone of $ 0.80- $ 0.90 and will head to the next SBR zone level at the price level of $ 1.20- $ 1.30.

The higher rise is expected to test the SBR level of $ 1.70 before returning to the all -time high (ATH) level of around $ 2.94.

Yet if the ALPHA price movement fails to sustain the surge, the $ 0.40 support level is seen to be a key zone to retest.

Lowering the $ 0.40 support level, the price is expected to make the latest all -time low (ATL) for the 2021 market movement.

As of 10.30am local time, the price of ALPHA is down more than 6% to trade at a price level of around $ 0.85.