July 7, 2021

Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) Jumps 110% With Staking And Launchpad Project

 Alpha Finance Lab recorded a 110% jump over the past four days.

At the same time, since being at its lowest level, $ 0.30 on June 22, the price of ALPHA rose 196% to a monthly high, $ 0.89 on July 6th. Turnover in 24 hours for the same period also increased 433% to $ 293 million.

This acceleration is driven by protocol improvements to Alpha Homora V2, namely the launch of Alpha Launchpad and an attractive price per earnings (P/E) ratio compared to other competitors.

Alpha Launchpad

Alpha Homora V2 was launched on February 1. It focuses on the latest level of interoperability that allows users to run yield farming on Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap and Uniswap.

Following the launch, ALPHA hit an all -time high (ATH), $ 2.95 on Feb. 6th. But due to exploitation from Iron Bank on 13 February caused the price of ALPHA to fall back below $ 1.

While the launch of Alpha Launchpad as announced on June 11 via their official blog, was picked as the only DeFi’s first incubator program created by developers for developers. In fact, the launch is described as a ‘dark horse’ for Alpha.

Interesting P/E Ratio

The payment structure in ALPHA looks attractive as it only takes 20% of the loan interest from V2 and 10% from V1 to pay the stakeholder consumer.

A report from Delphi Digital regarding the protocol payment structure, found that V2’s annual protocol revenue is estimated to reach $ 6.53 million, showing Alpha is trading at a cheaper P/E ratio than its competitors.

Alpha is also expected to further strengthen the follow -up from the DeFi sector of concern.

At the time of writing, ALPHA is trading at $ 0.79, up 1.49% in 24 hours.