General Twitter CEO Wants to Integrate Twitter With Bitcoin?

 Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter made a statement that raised positive sentiment in the crypto community by stating that Bitcoin will be a big part of the company’s future.

On July 22, Twitter published a 2021 second quarter letter addressed to shareholders and also at the 2021 Second Quarter Earnings Conference online. In the online conference many things were discussed but Bitcoin and crypto became a hot topic among the participants.

Dorsey has recently shown significant interest in Bitcoin and crypto, so it’s no surprise Dorsey has clearly stated that Bitcoin will play an important role in the company’s development journey.

Dorsey also mentioned that cryptocurrencies that serve as transaction tools are only incidental (economic incentives), the main focus of which is the advantages that can provide room for social media decentralization. Thus he saw it could bring profits to Twitter and called on Twitter shareholders to set aside investments into crypto.

He also stressed that if there is a global currency of the Internet, Twitter will get a lot of benefits because it can adapt quickly with some products such as Tip Jar, Subscription, Commerce, Super Follows, and so on.

Dorsey had previously announced his financial services company, Square, which intends to develop ‘Bitcoin wallet hardware’.

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