July 21, 2021

Jeff Bezos Succeeds in ‘Touching’ Space With a Blue Origin Rocket

 July 20, 2021 became a historic moment for the richest individual in the world, Jeff Bezos after successfully launching a rocket belonging to the company Blue Origin’s New Shepard to fly into space.

The capsule carrying the Blue Origin crew reached an altitude of 66.5 miles (107 km) and the rocket flew at a top speed of 2,233 mph during launch in the Van Horn desert, Texas.

The 57 -year -old American millionaire wore a blue flight suit and cowboy hat after flying to the edge of space that lasted 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

"The best day," said Bezos after landing safely with the oldest and youngest astronauts in the world.

According to Bezos, the launch of this first spacecraft is a small step to further expand the fleet of reusable spacecraft.

“This is the only way to build a path to space so that our children can build a future,” Bezos added.

The flight took place on the 52nd anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin becoming the first humans to walk on the moon. In addition, Alan Shepard in 1961 had become the first American in space.

In addition, his main competitor, Elon Musk also has plans to send a crew on a few -day orbit mission in his Dragon Crew capsule in September.

Musk previously wished the Blue Orgin crew the best of luck.

Richard Branson also congratulated Bezos after the mission via richardbranson's Twitter tweet.

Well done @blueorigin, @jeffbezos, Mark, Wally and Oliver. Impressive! Very best to all the crew from me and all the team at @virgingalactic

- Richard Branson (@richardbranson) July 20, 2021