Meeting of the Two Great Powers of the World, What Happened?

 The United States and China entered their first high -level talks this week, in a bid to stabilize tense relations between the world’s two largest economies.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman arrived in Tianjin on Sunday to meet Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng today.

The visit follows President Joe Biden’s administration’s actions challenging China, prompting Beijing to protest and announce new sanctions against America including on former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross last Friday.

The purpose of the meeting was not negotiations, but efforts to open up high -level communication channels, a senior State Department official said in a briefing with reporters over the weekend.

In the latest meeting that took place today, Xie Feng described the relationship between the two countries as currently at a dead end and facing serious difficulties.

He also accused the US of making Beijing an 'imaginary enemy', adding that the United States was not qualified to criticize the country on human rights issues.

However, following the statement, China still wants to work with the US, provided that the country's leaders 'change course' and adhere to China's interests.

The meeting is still unfinished, where Sherman is expected to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, after his meeting with Xie.

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