Nah! Wide Smiling Investors See BTC Back Rocketing

 Day after day, crypto investors continue to wait for the Bitcoin price movement to re -reach the all -time high (ATH) level of $ 65,000 or higher.

The start of the week was a little gratifying for investors as it could be seen that the BTC price continued to soar drastically to re -test the $ 40,000 level.

The drastic rise is likely driven by news that Amazon will accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Looking at the statements shared, various positive sentiments can be obtained regarding the development of cryptocurrencies.

If you look at the BTC/USDT chart,

The BTC price movement continues past the RBS (resistance become support) zone of $ 35,000- $ 36,000 and is seen hovering at the $ 39,000 resistance level.

The $ 42,000 resistance level is expected to be the focus level to be broken and in turn will give an early indication to ‘rocket’ higher.

If the $ 42,000 resistance level is also successfully broken, it is not impossible for the BTC price to return to the next focus level around $ 45,000.

Meanwhile, if the BTC price movement declines again, the $ 35,000- $ 36,000 RBS zone will be retested to show the direction of the next movement.

The lower depreciation is expected to return to the RBS low of around $ 33,000.

The surge in BTC prices has also indirectly prompted most Altcoins to show gains in excess of 10% -20% at the start of this week’s movement.

As of 12.30pm local time, the BTC price is up over 8% to trade at a price level of around $ 38,300.

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