Oops Amazon! Bitcoin (BTC) Should Be Back Gloomy Today!

 Saddened when Bitcoin’s (BTC) performance strengthened yesterday, back in defeat today a string from Amazon denied claims it would accept the cryptocurrency.

Yesterday British newspaper City A.M reported Amazon’s plans to accept payments in cryptocurrency based on a source believed to be an insider of the giant firm.

More excitingly, the show is directly the idea of ​​Jeff Bezos.

The news immediately pushed the positive movement of Bitcoin (BTC) until it managed to hit a daily high price level, $ 40,552 yesterday.

However, an Amazon spokesperson explained the report was false.

The BTC price slumped more than 9% to its daily low to date, $ 36,755. At the time of writing, Satoshi Nakamoto’s assets are trading at $ 37,003.

Various questions are trying to unravel, especially when Amazon is looking for individuals with backgrounds in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors to fill recently advertised vacancies.

The thing is, however Amazon acknowledged that they are still interested in continuing to delve into and study crypto, especially blockchain.

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