Survey Finds 3 Out of 4 Sports Fans Are Skeptical With NFT Investments

 The website recently conducted an NFT-related survey involving 1,009 sports fans aged 18 to 83 in the United States (US). 64.1% of respondents were male and 35.7% were female, with an average age of 38 years.

The survey also focused on interest in several states such as California, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Nevada, and Vermont. While the keyword ‘NBA Top Shot’ recorded the highest levels in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Bonusfinder found that 62% of respondents know about NFT, 16% do not know anything about NFT, 23% of respondents are not sure about NFT, finally around 9% are confident in NFT technology.

The Bonusfinder survey also found that 40% of sports fans are not confident about the longevity of NFT, while 39% are excited to see the potential of NFT. However, 29% of respondents explained they were confused by the existence of NFT.

In fact, there are 34% of them who are quite skeptical with NFT investments for the long term despite having managed to sell some NFTs compared to less than 4% who have bought NFTs, and 23% are still skeptical.

In general, Bonusfinder concludes almost 3 out of 4 people are ‘somewhat’ skeptical of NFT as an investment asset. It was found that 52% of sports fans agreed that NFT sports is an investment bubble, which may be appropriate according to the current market.

Do you feel that way too?

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