July 21, 2021

SushiSwap General 4 Latest Crypto Investment Products

 Decentralized exchange platform, SushiSwap has launched four new automatic market makers (AMMs) to further expand opportunities for developers, investors and consumers who stake funds with the protocol.

The four AMMs were launched as a ‘bundle’ known as Trident. It serves as a new foundation layer for SushiSwap that will will allow users to develop their own liquidity pools with unique features.


ConstantProductPool - a basic “50/50” pool that contains half of one set of tokens and the other half.

HybridPool - allows the exchange of the same assets as stablecoins.

ConcentratedLiquidtyPool - allows the opportunity for liquidity providers to determine the price range to provide liquidity.

WeightedPool - allows the provider to adjust the remaining tokens in the pool manually.

All four AMMs will run using new matchmaking software, Tine and BentoBox.

Both softwares allow the deposited funds to be placed onto other lending platforms such as Compound and, thus creating an independent source of yield on SushiSwap’s trading volume.

However, SushiSwap’s native token, SUSHI failed to post a surge after declining from its highest level for the month, $ 9.72 on July 1st. SUSHI rose over 8% with a current trading value of $ 6.63 in 24 hours.