This Is Why NFT Gaming Is Suddenly Becoming A Trend!


 NFT gaming or known as play-to-earn gaming has become a craze lately.

Reportedly this trend picked up in late 2020 and mid-2021. The non-fungible token (NFT) sector made a profit with its market value increasing from $ 338 million by the end of 2020 to $ 22 billion by 2021.

Looking at this development, it is not impossible if NFT gaming will last much longer than other NFTs as expected by Spartan Black.

What is interesting about NFT gaming?

Uses NFT technology as support for play-to-earn games.

Real ownership rights.

By playing the game, players have the opportunity to collect NFT and sell it for a profit. As the name suggests ‘NFT gaming’, it means these games are developed on a blockchain and feature decentralization where players control the game.

It is also different from conventional games where the company controls the content of the game and they generate profits through in-game transactions. For example, you buy gems to buy in -game items. But you are not allowed to resell those gems to others

But NFT gaming, offers permanent ownership where you buy any type of item whether land or character and you automatically have the right to make anything with that item. For example, you buy land in the game and you have the right to lease or sell it at a higher price to other players.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic affected the economy, causing the unemployment rate to rise then it is not impossible why the sector is suddenly booming. While making e-sports a career, they are also directly investing in cryptocurrencies.

Maybe NFT gaming is not the choice of most crypto investors but it is definitely a target for gaming fans. For those who are interested, can see the list of play-to-earn games below:

Alien Worlds


Evolution Land

F1 Delta Time

Axie Infinity

Gods Unchained

The Sandbox