July 8, 2021

Trump Summons Google, Facebook & Twitter!

 Former United States (US) President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Google, Facebook and Twitter for allegedly being a victim of ‘censorship’.

The claim was also made against the chief executive officers (CEOs) of the three firms.

Trump's social media account was suspended last January following concerns over public safety following a riot incident at the Capitol building led by his supporters.

Yesterday, Trump described the lawsuit as ‘an excellent development for the right to freedom of expression’.

In a press conference he made yesterday, Trump denounced social media firms and the Democratic party for allegedly delivering untrue information.

The lawsuit urges the court to issue an order to end the suspension.

Trump said, if social media companies can block the President, then anyone can be blocked.

All the companies sued have not given any statement to date.

In a related development, members of the Democratic Congress party issued a memo regarding their plans against the tech giant.

The agenda called for antitrust action against technology firms and reform of the law known as Section 230.

Section 230 essentially stops companies like Facebook and Twitter from being responsible for all statuses uploaded by users.