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July 15, 2021

Well Awesome Right! TVK Has Started Stunt Action

 It seems that the Non-Fungible Token market continues to grab attention as it is seen that most NFT tokens remain making recent highs.

Is there now a transition to the NFT season?

Terra Virtual Kolect (TVK) is also not spared to chart a drastic uptrend and may give some relief to investors who have bought TVK tokens at high price levels.

For the record, Terra Virtual is an NFT ‘cross-platform’ ecosystem that gives users the experience to own exclusive digital art assets with absolute ownership online.

It is displayed in a virtual private space and can be displayed in virtual reality (VR) which is a combination between the world of reality and the virtual world.

As of mid -July alone, the TVK price movement has shown an increase of more than 200% when viewed on the TVK/BUSD chart.

Through the rise, TVK prices continued to hit the latest highs for July and remained to move with a bullish trend.

The price is expected to re -test the hard -to -break resistance level at the end of May around $ 0.28 if TVK's price movement maintains its bullish pattern.

If the $ 0.28 resistance level is successfully broken, the next resistance zone around $ 0.34- $ 0.36 will be tested again.

The strengthening of the surge is seen to support the price of TVK to jump higher and retest the all -time high (ATH) level of $ 1.24.

However, if the TVK price movement declines again, the RBS (resistance become support) level of $ 0.18 will be the focus level to target.

If the decline continues, it is likely that the price will re-test the lowest RBS zone around $ 0.12- $ 0.13.

As of 2.30pm local time, the price of TVK made a jump of over 8% to trade at the price level of around $ 0.25.