July 19, 2021

What More Does the UK Want, UK Threatens to Boycott EU Joint Agreement?

 Britain reportedly threatened to boycott the Brexit deal unless the European Union showed more flexibility towards Northern Ireland. The move was found to make the five-year Brexit deal a mess.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who signed the Brexit 2020 deal has expressed frustration over the protocol which could pose problems for some UK food staples.

David Frost, the British minister who led the Brexit negotiations, is preparing to announce significant potential changes to the protocol that could have major consequences on diplomatic relations with the European Union (EU).

It was reported Frost was updating a document to be tabled in parliament on Wednesday on Northern Ireland and Brexit. According to a Johnson spokesperson, the UK administration will set their opinion on the protocol.

On behalf of Brussels, they are of the view that Frost will stick to their stance of wanting to boycott existing protocols unless the EU agrees to compromise, said an EU diplomat who briefed on talks with British negotiators.