August 17, 2021

Bad solid! Within 2 Days AUDIO Record 150%Profit!

 Audius, which is considered to be the main competitor to SoundCloud, has stolen the attention of investors after coming up with a ‘cruel’ price movement.

More interesting after Audius established a collaboration with the media platform 'TikTok' which introduced some of the latest features.

Following that, Audius produced over 150% jumps starting from yesterday’s trading session until today.

Interesting if seen on the current movement chart of the AUDIO/USDT price.

When the Audio analysis article was released at the end of June, Audio was trading at a price of around $ 0.73, consistently Audio has produced over 450% jumps so far in today’s trading session.

From a technical point of view, the Audio price movement seems to be hovering to regain the bullish momentum above the RBS (resistance become support) zone around $ 3.0.

If the AUDIO price movement manages to regain that momentum, the $ 4.0 resistance level will be the main focus of investors to test before the price is expected to make a higher rise.

If Audio manages to break its latest high of $ 4.07, a more aggressive rise is likely to ensue and hit its latest consecutive high.

However, if the AUDIO price movement shows a bearish pattern, the price is expected to retest to the RBS $ 3.0 zone before making a lower decline or it is just a retracement.

At the time of writing, AUDIO is trading at the $ 3.46 price level soaring over 100% in the last 24 hours.