Covid-19 Returns to China, What is the Government's Action?

 China is no exception in the face of a new wave of Covid-19, forcing the authorities to carry out massive tests and widespread travel restrictions in several regions.

China's National Health Service, reported an increase of 96 cases on Wednesday, which is the third consecutive day of increase above 90. Of the newly confirmed cases, 71 were distributed locally.

Although this figure is seen as small compared to other countries that recorded larger increases, the authorities still take decisive steps, even more so in the midst of the threat of a delta variant that is rapidly spreading.

Xinhua News Agency reported authorities had urged people to limit travel and avoid encounters, as well as suspend some flights, trains and long-distance bus services.

The capital Beijing imposed strict entry and exit controls on Sunday and was said to be at a "critical stage" of epidemic control after cases rose in late July for the first time in months, Xinhua reported.

Meanwhile, the city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus first emerged, will carry out Covid tests on all its residents, the news agency said.

However, analysts doubt that any action taken by the kingdom will hurt the economy, where it was the only country to record growth last year.

So far, the recovery shown in several sectors is seen to be uneven, especially since they are also facing higher costs. The resurgence of Covid-19 and new barriers is seen as helping China's home-filling recovery, analysts say.

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