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August 10, 2021

Democrats Reveal $ 3.5 Trillion Budget Plan!

 Senate leader Chuck Schumer on Monday released a written report on the Democrats ’$ 3.5 trillion budget, which the Senate expects to pass as early as this week,

The proposed resolution is the first initial step in implementing Democrat plans to bring about transformation in the nation’s climate, childcare and health care legislation.

The bill to make the budget a success only needs a 50-vote majority. Schumer plans to task Senate committees to draft different budgets related to policy.

The resolution targets September 15, community members can submit their reconciliation laws. This debate could lead to an increase in government debt limits. Thus, the Democratic party will debate with the Republican minority vote to get at least 10 GOP votes to qualify for 60 votes.

Republican lawmakers, led by McConnell, have threatened to reject voting to raise the debt limit. Instead, today, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen urged Congress to raise the debt limit with Republican support.

The agreement reached by Schumer and the White House states $ 3.5 trillion will be "fully offset by a combination of new tax revenue, health care savings, and long -term economic growth."