Dogecoin (DOGE) Is Predicted To Reach Over $ 1 In 2025

 A survey by Finder of several panels of cryptocurrency experts found Dogecoin (DOGE) has the potential to cross the $ 1 level by 2025 and is likely to jump higher to $ 1.21 in the same year before hitting a new high, $ 3.6 in 2030.

The panels put up a positive forecast even though the majority of them expect it to close at $ 0.42 later this year, lower than the all -time high (ATH), $ 0.73 recorded last May.

Their predictions largely depend on the influence of Tesla founder Elon Musk on the crypto sector and the large DOGE community. So it’s no surprise there is a panel predicting DOGE will be worth $ 50 by 2030.

While expectations for December 2025, ranging from an estimate of $ 0 to $ 10, yield results the average DOGE value will reach $ 1.21. The highest forecast for the asset is definitely $ 10, by Brighton Business School senior lecturer Paul Levy.

According to Cake DeFi CEO Julian Hosp to witness a $ 1 worth of DOGE is impossible. However if the record really happens, it is pump and dump.

A lecturer from the University of Canberra, John Hawkins, predicted that the DOGE price will end in 2021 with a value of $ 0.15 because according to him, Dogecoin is too dependent on Musk tweets and is rarely used as a payment instrument, including proven to have very low value savings.

Thomson Reuters technology expert Joseph Raczynski expects DOGE to drop to $ 0 on the grounds that the asset will lose its ‘shine’ following the dumping of much more sophisticated and advanced crypto projects.

Overall, 80% of the panel involved in this survey described DOGE as a bubble, 10% acted on it, and 10% were unsure whether it was a bubble or not.

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