EMURGO To Launch DApps Link For Cardano Users (ADA)

 EMURGO has announced it will launch its latest platform that connects interactions between Cardano users (ADA) with decentralized applications (dApps) on blockchain networks.

The blockchain technology firm explained that the Yoroi dApp wallet link will allow ADA holders to access decentralized applications in the Cardano blockchain directly from a web browser using a plugin.

For the record, Yoroi is a crypto wallet, where users can manage ADA holdings using only a mobile phone.

Through the activation of the link, users have the opportunity to carry out any dApps -approved activity including the purchase or sale of tokens, gaining access to resources, or using other features offered by dApp.

This is another piece of good news regarding Cardano as the network nears the end of Alonzo’s hard fork.

The average Cardano fan is excited about this improvement because at the end of Alonzo, smart contract functionality and support for decentralized financial dApps (DeFi) developers will be launched.

At the same time, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is excited to witness for himself the launch of Alonzo which is expected to take place this September, thus ending the Goguen era.

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