August 24, 2021

Interested in the World of NFT - General Visa Purchase NFT CryptoPunk!

 Visa which is a financial giant company has finally announced to participate in the NFT mania which is becoming a trend at the moment by making its first purchase.

Visa has reportedly bought one of the CryptoPunk NFTs that has managed to grab millions of dollars in an auction. The Visa giant has spent $ 150,000 on the CryptoPunk 7610. Visa does not make direct payments but does so in partnership with Anchorage. In realizing that process, Anchorage became the first U.S. bank to manage the NFT.

CryptoPunk is considered a blue-chip NFT investment collection as total sales have reached $ 752 million.

Buy Sheffield, the crypto manager at Visa,

“We believe that NFT will play a very important role in the future in the retail, entertainment and commerce industries. Thus, Visa wants to understand firsthand what it takes to acquire, maintain, and interact with NFT. Visa has partnered with Anchorage to realize this in the hopes of training expertise and assisting customers.

The CryptoPunk collection consists of 10,000 automatically generated 24 × 24 pixel avatar images. The CryptoPunk Visa avatar is characterized by a woman with a mohawk and large green eyes.

NFT has lately become a ‘trend’ as well-known brands and celebrities publish and make purchases of NFT.Visa also plans to play an important role in the Metaverse. At the same time, revealed that wants to be an important player in the Metaverse and plans to buy more NFT.