Is Google Back Friendly To The Cryptocurrency Market?

 Previously, the multinational giant Google has taken a less friendly approach to crypto by imposing an advertising ban regarding crypto assets on their websites. Among the reasons given by Google is because of the concern of the existence of elements of manipulation and fraud.

The ban is related to crypto assets and related matters such as ICOs, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets and many more. The move has influenced several large companies to do similar things, among them TikTok and Facebook.

However, recently Google took a more friendly approach whereby under a new policy that took effect on August 4, crypto exchange services and crypto asset wallets are allowed to advertise their services.

It should be noted that not all advertisers will be allowed, there are some conditions that need to be complied with. Among them, advertisers must be registered with the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Not only that, advertisers must also comply with all applicable legal requirements and Google Ads guidelines.

At the same time, restrictions still apply to ICO -related crypto companies, DeFi trading protocols or promotions of crypto purchases, sales or trades.

Some in the crypto community think that this is a healthy development, where it indirectly promotes crypto more widely.

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