August 19, 2021

Joe Biden's ratings plummeted after the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan

 The most hot topic of the last week is the Taliban organization coming to power in Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden decided to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of staying in it. It immediately provoked mass riots in the country and its capital, Kabul. A huge number of people tried to leave Afghanistan by all means, literally chaining themselves to planes, fearing reprisals from the Taliban over all those who helped American troops in recent years. It is reported that the United States has spent more than $ 200 billion on the reconstruction of Afghanistan and on maintaining the military, police, training security forces, and weapons. The US President said that Washington is no longer ready to sacrifice its people and spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a war where the Afghan forces cannot confront the Taliban. Biden noted that he had a choice: either get involved in a new war or withdraw troops from Afghanistan. After the relevant decision was made, Joe Biden's approval ratings fell to an all-time low (about 46%). It is reported that in just one week, the approval rating fell by 7%. Less than half of the Americans surveyed believe that Biden did a good job in Afghanistan, and 75% of respondents believe that additional military forces should be sent to Afghanistan to evacuate all Americans and residents of this country who helped the US military forces.

At the same time, former US Navy-Marine Robert O'Neill called US President Joe Biden a "disaster" and said that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is a heavy loss for the country. Robert O'Neill participated in the elimination of Osama bin Laden in 2011 in Pakistan. Observing the Afghanistan situation, he asks why the US military forces did not strike at the presidential palace in Kabul if Taliban militants occupied it? Thus, in the United States, many people are criticizing Joe Biden for stopping the military operation in this country. Biden himself noted that Washington's mission in Afghanistan was not to create a new democratic state or a separate nation. "For 20 years, I have learned from my own experience that a good time for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will never come. I am convinced that it is wrong to order the American military to go forward when the armed forces of Afghanistan do not do this," the US president said.