August 30, 2021

Just Launched, SafeMoon Wallet Collapsed!

 Just launched, three SafeMoon wallet products are facing technical issues. It involves websites that house buy and exchange functions, Android and iOS wallets.

The unfortunate news was uploaded personally by SafeMoon CEO John Karony via his official Twitter account less than 30 minutes after the wallet launch on August 28.

Technical difficulties….

Will update shortly.

Get ready! #SAFEMOONARMY is too strong.

- John Karony (@CptHodl) August 28, 2021

Yesterday, they explained that they will re -launch the product in stages starting with the purchase and conversion function on the website on the same day.

Fortunately today there are some good developments related to the project.

In Safemoon COO’s latest tweet, Jack Haines told that the conversion functionality on the website is back on air for two asset pairs: BNB/Safemoon and ETH/Safemoon, followed by other cryptocurrencies that will be added in a few days.

Similarly DDOS attacks or DDOS attacks are successfully dealt with, including website migration, Android launch tweaks, availability of multiple ERC currencies and cryptocurrencies, and wallet extensions such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Wallet Connect.

SafeMoon is one of the crypto projects that has managed to spark the excitement of its fans through the guarantee of ‘security, quality, and availability’. In fact, the hashtag #SAFEMOONWALLET became trending, followed by the appearance of a SafeMoon billboard at London’s Piccadilly Circus.

However, due to this technical issue caused SafeMoon to receive great criticism and fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). There are also a handful of Twitter users accusing SafeMoon of cheating its users.

SAFEMOON posted a decline after rising from $ 0.00000184 to $ 0.00000365 on Aug. 28th.

At the time of writing, this asset is trading at $ 0.000002412, down nearly 13% in 24 hours.