August 27, 2021

MetaMask Want to Launch Crypto Tokens?

 The group of MetaMask developers in the first virtual meeting held last night local time revealed they are in the planning to launch a MetaMask token.

As done by several DeFi platforms: Uniswap and 1Inch, MetaMask also wants to run an airdrop in line with its token launch in the future.

Software engineer Erik Marks explained that they are currently ready with any idea of ​​the formation of crypto tokens but at the same time are also concerned with a few things.

MetaMask developers don’t want to create tokens that don’t have use cases. Instead, they want to make sure the tokens launched have an interesting and widespread use case.

Not only that, Marks is worried if there is a possibility of 'pump and dump'.

Perhaps through an initial coin offering (ICO), the community will benefit from the availability of the pump. However, the opposite will happen if they start selling and dumping the token.

Be aware MetaMask is a wallet that is synonymous with most Ethereum -based DeFi applications. Reportedly so far they see 5 million active users every month.

In addition, MetaMask also offers token exchange only through in the wallet.

Are you excited about MetaMask tokens?