August 29, 2021

'Mystery' Whale Group Not Angry, Add More Than 500 BTC Amid Falling Prices!

 The ‘mysterious’ whale gang has recently regularly added BTC holdings in Coinbase. Based on the data in the network shows that they have collected more than on Thursday and Friday.

The crypto community has begun to crack down on whale gang reactions that end with the BTC address WKDfhQ. Data shows the group sold most of their BTC holdings during the $ 60,000 price level in April.

A few months after BTC reached ATH, where the BTC price made a significant price correction to below $ 40,000, the group has been wholesale with a lot of BTC. As it has been noted that comments from Elon Musk and moves from China have had an impact on the price of BTC and other crypto assets. BTC has lost 50% of ATH’s profits.

In late July, the group began transferring a large number of BTC holdings to Coinbase. The same thing happened on several occasions in August.

According to analysts from CryptoQuant, the group bought 466 bitcoins for $ 47,400 on Aug. 27. This came after a more modest purchase of 38 BTC on 26 August. In total, 504 BTC were wholesaled totaling $ 24 million.

As noted by VentureFounder, the address of this group of whales has taken advantage of rising and falling prices to sell or buy crypto. With this, investors can monitor the performance of the BTC price in the following weeks since the group started adding more BTC holdings.

Today, the BTC price has shown a slight increase by being above the $ 47,000 level. At the same time, the market continues to take a cautious stance especially on weekends and months.