The best! Serba Dinamik Smooth MySurFi High Speed Internet Service

 The All -Dynamic engineering company has launched its own satellite internet service called MySurFi.

With the use of satellite, MySurFi can transmit high -speed broadband internet services in remote areas without a broadband connection.

Through the installation of MySurFi, it allows residents in the area to enjoy free internet for six months during a pandemic through a community social service (CSR) program.

This service was developed by Serba Dinamik Group Bhd together with Mosyawa Sdn Bhd to make this program a success which has been implemented in Melaka, Kelantan and is now introduced in Larut, Perak.

Serba Dinamik Group Managing Director, Datuk Dr Ir Ts Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah said that this CSR activity is very unique compared to other CSR programs undertaken by SDGB.

According to Mosyawa's Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Syakirin Che Aziz said the implementation of MySurFi is in line with current technological advances that the use of this satellite is no stranger.

Interestingly, Serba Dinamik is seen to be initiating steps to make investments in the infrastructure arena related to connectivity through internet technology.

Apart from that, Serba Dinamik is also rumored to be in the research and design phase of its own communication satellite with strategic partners around the world.

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