August 17, 2021

Twitter Appoints Crypto Developer As Leader Of ‘Bluesky’ Decentralized Social Media Project!

 The Bluesky project will be led by former software engineer for Zcash and blockchain firm, Skuchain, Jay Graber.

Jay will be leading @bluesky!

Another step towards decentralizing Twitter and social media.

Now we can move much faster, and through code.

- jack⚡️ (@jack) August 16, 2021

Bluesky is an organization and initiative introduced by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019. It was established with the goal of building decentralized standards for social media including Twitter.

Clearly Garber, along with several individuals who specialize in development and idea generation, they plan to create the Bluesky team and partner with Twitter, including several other companies.

When the idea of ​​Bluesky was announced, Dorsey revealed the challenges the social media network had to face included:

A global basis for centralized surveillance for misuse of addresses and misleading information

Switching from content hosting and disabling recommendation algorithms

 Content that sparks controversy versus healthy and informative interactions.

With the advent of new technologies, the decentralization approach has become easier. For example, blockchain has offered several decentralized solutions for hostings, governance, including financial generating opportunities.

Dorsey from the very beginning has shown an interest in crypto technology. In July, the figure announced the Bitcoin wallet (BTC) project and the DeFi Bitcoin platform. Not only that, Dorsey also gave a hint to integrate Twitter with Bitcoin.