Vsolar ‘Terrorist’ Records Double -Turning Turnover

 Vsolar Group Bhd gained up to 17 times the trading volume of the 200 -day average and was listed as one of the most active counters yesterday.

During market closing time on Thursday, the Vsolar counter recorded a half -sen gain to 1.5 sen with 880.4 million shares traded.

It is also equivalent to 20.6% of the issued share capital of 4.266 billion.

Vsolar stock trading has been heated since July 14 without any obvious factor behind the surge in trading volume.

According to a report released, Fintec subsidiary Asiabio Capital Sdn Bhd has sold 82.05 million shares or 1.9% of Vsolar shares on the open market.

No longer a major shareholder of Vsolar, Fintec Global Bhd became the second most traded counter yesterday with its trading volume rising to 273.48 million shares.

Fintec was among the companies that ventured into the manufacture of rubber gloves last year and has ceased to be a major shareholder of Saudee Group Bhd.

Meanwhile, Saudee was the third most traded counter with a trading volume of 156.7 million shares yesterday.

Apart from its stake in Vsolar, Fintec is also seen to have sold shares in several public companies including 5.7% or 33 million shares from Komarkcorp Bhd.

The sale of the shares represented 91% of its shareholding in the company and the Vsolar shares sold represented 35% of its shareholding in the service provider.

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