August 19, 2021

Ziliqa Launches Latest Blockchain Project ‘ZILHive Accelerator 2021-2022’

 Singapore blockchain platform Ziliqa has announced a project group, a six-month program, ZILHive Accelerator for 2021-2022.

The program focuses on creating blockchain -capable projects from concept to commercialization.

As Ziliqa’s Vice President of Ecosystem Growth, Han Wen Chua revealed, “The progress of startups has invited ideas to real -world use cases against the blockchain. It is a confirmation of our efforts to expand Singapore's role in the global fintech ecosystem. ”

It is reported that 6 out of 8 startups accepted by the program for 2021 have progressed from the Incubator program which started in March.

The 14 -week ZILHive incubator combines technical and non -technical participants into several groups focusing on the design and construction of unique solutions to the Ziliqa blockchain protocol.

These startups include:

Access: Startups that focus on addressing the issue of fraud and ticket scalping by launching tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFT)

Cerchia: A startup manufacturer of blockchain -based equipment that helps investors, bond issuers, and insurance companies predict and bear risk.

Green Beanz: A project that helps companies and NGOs upgrade the transparency and determination of corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development goals.

HeyAlfie: A smart dashboard available for users to manage, invest and borrow digital assets through a single interface by connecting different types of wallets.

Invopay: A platform designed to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for better cash flow management with low interest loan guarantees on the blockchain.

MustPoll: A protocol whereby secure deposit savings and rewards are received from interest income through dApps staking benefits and loans at Ziliqa.

Tyron SSI Protocol: A protocol that allows users to manage access to their data securely through authenticated evidence without relying on intermediaries or centralized databases.

Ultimate Fanchise Fantasy Sports: A sports platform that offers digital asset ownership to sports fans through the use of NFT to represent athletes in a variety of sports.

Those involved have different abilities and expertise, covering a wide range of backgrounds ranging from university students to professionals. What is for sure, the involvement of various ideas from various experiences has the potential to boost the potential of the Ziliqa ecosystem in the future.