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September 8, 2021

3 Factors That Cause Quant Surge (QNT)!

 Quant’s (QNT) performance has excited its investors over the past few days.

Starting with a decline of $ 178 on the morning of Sept. 1, QNT prices soared as high as 117% hitting the latest all -time high (ATH), $ 387 on Sept. 6, also saw trading volume rise to $ 740 million in 24 hours.

Mutual development

The launch of Overledger 2.0.5 on September 7 was a key to improved interoperability that connects institutional and enterprise ecosystems with stablecoins, DeFi, NFT, and several ERC20 and ERC721 standard digital assets for solution.

Through this Overledger Payment API also DeFi multi-distributed ledger technology (multi-DLT) payments can be carried out by combining lending and staking products with new solution options.

Incentive offers

Quant has launched a program to attract more developers to join their ecosystem.

The idea was inspired by several networks such as Polkadot (DOT), Ethereum (ETH), and Cosmos (ATOM) that ligat offer incentives to interested developers, while creating an active community to make their networks successful.

Listing on major exchanges

QNT trades finally opened on the Coinbase and Binance platforms causing its trading volume to increase from $ 9 million to over $ 740 on September 6th.

On Coinbase, QNT is also listed along with several other tokens such as BarnBridge (BOND) and Livepeer (LPT).

However, QNT recorded a decline when this article was written in the wake of the fall in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). QNT’s current recorded price is $ 329.93, down more than 13% from ATH two days ago.