September 27, 2021

6 Important Economic Data News Market Focus This Week (27 Sept - 1 Oct 2021)

 Here are some of the important economic data that will be the focus of the market throughout the week.

US Consumer Confidence Data (Tuesday 10.00pm): Among the data that is indicative of the health of the economy through consumer spending, consumer confidence data in the US was also the focus of investors after the Federal Reserve's (Fed) hawkish statement for policy tightening signals.

China Manufacturing and Services PMI Data (Thursday 9.00am): The activity of the focus economy sector in China will be assessed to gauge the current state of health of the world’s second largest economy. A reading above the 50 level still gives a stable signal for the economy.

UK Gross Domestic Product Data (Thursday 2.00pm): The final reading for GDP growth in the UK is projected unchanged at 0.48% as in the previous reading.

US Gross Domestic Product Data (Thursday 8.30pm): The market expects an increase in the reading for US economic growth in the second quarter with the final reading of US GDP rising to 6.7% from the initial reading of 6.6%.

Canadian Gross Domestic Product Data (Friday 8.30pm): GDP growth in Canada for the latest reading will be in focus after the previous monthly reading figure rose to 0.7% for June.

US Manufacturing PMI Data ISM Survey (Friday 10.00pm): The latest readings for the survey on the manufacturing sector in the US are expected to show no significant change with readings close to the 60 level indicating the key economic sector remains stable.