Abuse of Market Dominance, Google Fined $ 177 Million

 Recently, South Korea’s antitrust agency has imposed a fine on Google of 207 million Korean won ($ 176.64 million).

The fines follow the US tech giant allegedly abusing its market position to block competition in the mobile operating system market.

Google’s Android operating system is currently seen as the largest share holder in the smartphone market where it is ahead of Apple’s iOS platform.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) explained that Google allegedly used its dominant position to crack down on smartphone makers like Samsung from using operating systems developed by its competitors.

The fines imposed are small compared to the tech company's quarterly figures which it reports have earned revenue of $ 61.88 billion.

Google also requires smartphone makers to agree to an “anti-fragmentation agreement (AFA)” when signing a major contract with Google on app store licenses.

Through the AFA agreement, each device maker is not allowed to install a modified version of Android known as “Android forks”.

Following the move has indirectly supported Google to strengthen its market dominance in the mobile OS market.

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