September 2, 2021

Allocation Of RM5 Million, Maxis Strives To Develop An Innovative Project

 Maxis which is a provider of digital services and connectivity solutions introduced an innovative project known as Maxis Awards.

The project aims to recognize and empower innovative Malaysian companies in helping the country towards more positive change.

Maxis Head of Branding and Marketing, Tai Kam Leong stated that the program was developed to encourage ideas that have high potential in developing the country.

Following that, an allocation of RM5 million will be implemented for the development and stimulation of 12 projects in the country in the next 12 months.

"Our goal is to realize ideas and projects that will enable the Malaysian community towards progress as well as inspire the community," he added.

The award winners will be selected based on three main criteria, namely value for the community, innovation and strong technological capabilities.

Through the move, each company will receive a grant and Maxis Business solutions expertise to help realize the idea.

"We seek new ideas and innovations by involving the use of robust technology as well as the most powerful in benefiting the community," said Tai.

The awards program will be implemented in collaboration with Tatler Asia's platform, namely Gen.T and Maxis, which aims to move this effort towards an annual initiative.