Elrond (ELGD) Shows Convincing Action to Record Latest ATH in a Row!

 Reviewing the potential crypto in the market, Elrond is a crypto that aims to offer fast transaction speeds by using sharding techniques.

Notably, Elrond’s current movement has managed to hit the latest all -time high (ATH) of $ 295.80 by producing a 124% jump in the September trading session.

Most recently, KuCoin has listed EGLD tokens and announced an integration strategy that enables the listing of Elrond ESDT tokens.

Elrond $ EGLD is now listed on @kucoincom.

Great milestone with Kucoin exchange enabling full support for ESDT tokens, and opening a large opportunity for projects building on Elrond to tap into the huge communities & liquidity offered by them.https: //t.co/vdgIhalqp8

- Beniamin Mincu ⚡ (@beniaminmincu) September 13, 2021

Meanwhile, examine the current movement chart of the EGLD/USDT price.

When the EGLD analysis article was released last June, EGLD was trading at the $ 77 price level, consistently EGLD had jumped 459% reaching the latest ATH.

From a technical point of view, the price movement is seen to remain with a bullish trend and is trying to return to the $ 280 resistance zone.

If the price movement remains with a bullish trend, the $ 280 resistance zone should be tested first before making a higher jump and then making the latest ATH.

However, if the price movement shows a bearish trend again, the $ 240 RBS (resistance become support) zone will be tested first to either make a rebound or make a lower decline.

As of 11.33am local time, the ELGD price jumped around 3% in 24 hours to trade at a price level of around $ 273.

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