Fuh! Miami Named A Crypto City?

 According to the latest reports, the city of Miami in the United States (U.S.) has become the first city to approve the use of crypto. Previously, a new concept was popular, namely CityCoin, where citizens can express support or invest in the city's own crypto. MiamiCoin was among the first to be issued representing their city’s crypto.

Miami City has approved access to the $ 4.3 million Miami Coin. The crypto can be mined using Bitcoin mining tools. In addition, the mayor also has access to public funds MiamiCoin can be leveraged to improve the city.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez who is a well -known Bitcoin supporter issued a statement that he intends to make Miami a U.S. crypto hub.

Miami Coin is the first of its kind CityCoin and is purely community driven. The crypto is also planned to expand its use outside of Miami soon.

To date, it has had 35 miners actively mining Miami Coin leading to the city’s crypto generation worth nearly $ 2,500 every 10 minutes. The value generated is directly put into the digital wallet of the city of Miami and to date it has been worth $ 4.3 million of native city tokens.

The Mayor of Miami has long given awareness of centralized regulations for crypto and even lobbied to allow Miami residents to pay their taxes and receive salaries in crypto.

If El Salvador manages to become the first country to agree to Bitcoin as a legal tender then Miami could start a new trend at the city and county levels.

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