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September 6, 2021

Just (JST) Stay In Action At An Encouraging Price!

 Just, stay up with encouraging price movements.

The September trading session, Just remained consistent producing almost a 30% jump reaching the latest high of $ 0.092 ending yesterday’s trading session.

Recently, Just launched the new mining integration of JustLend & JustSwap (Phase IV) which to some extent has supported the price movement of Just moving consistently.

📣Excited to announce that #JustLend & #JustSwap new mining integration (Phase IV) is Now Live!

⏲️Mining period: 21:00 Sep 3, 2021 - 20:59 Oct 1, 2021 (SGT)

⚒️Keep on mining at https://t.co/xLfFD0eHGT & https://t.co/xTxlQoyV3G for ultra-high rewards pic.twitter.com/acoiQE69nQ

- JUST Foundation (@DeFi_JUST) September 3, 2021

The mining period was launched on September 3 to October 1, 2021 and has caught the attention of investors.

Can be observed on the JST/USDT price movement chart.

Looking more clearly, JST has produced over 60% jump in the August trading session, yet the price movement still remains consistent until the September trading session.

From a technical point of view, Just is seen still remaining bullish momentum and is testing the resistance zone around $ 0.090.

The next expectation is that if the JUST price movement stays with that momentum, the resistance zone around $ 0.090 will be broken and make the latest highs in a row.

Meanwhile, if the price movement shows a bearish pattern, the RBS (resistance become support) zone around $ 0.075 will be re -tested to either make a rebound or continue the decline to the lowest level.

At the time of writing, JST is trading at around $ 0.089 with a trading volume of over $ 255 million in 24 hours.