September 24, 2021

Latest! Twitter Finally Launches Tip In Bitcoin (BTC)!

 As a sign of support for the content creation industry, Twitter has finally launched its latest function which is tipping in Bitcoin (BTC).

The function is also attended with support for the Lightning wallet.

However, only iOS users around the world first enjoy this latest feature while Android will follow in the near future.

oh you also love money? here’s how to send and receive Tips

- Twitter (@Twitter) September 23, 2021

Based on photos uploaded in Twitter’s official tweets, users can tip either in fiat or crypto to content creators via third -party services like CashApp managed by Twitter CEO’s Square payments firm - Jack Dorsey, including Bandcamp, Chipper, GoFundMe, Patreon, PicPay, and RazorPay.

In addition, users can also use the Bitcoin payment application, Strike developed on Lightning Network, a layer-two solution that is synonymous with low transaction rates.

Twitter will not stop here because after this they want to introduce a non-fungible token (NFT) for authentication:

"Users can link their accounts with Bitcoin wallets, track and display NFT ownership on Twitter," - Twitter executive Esther Crawford.

Bitcoin at the time this article was written, was trading at $ 44,507 with an increase of over 2% in 24 hours.