Non-Canned Crypto Performance Celer Network (CELR)

 Assessing the potential crypto in the market, Celer Network offers fast and secure off-chain transactions for payments and smart contracts.

In this week’s trading session, CELR saw a 55% jump with the latest all -time high (ATH) above the $ 0.10 price level has caught the attention of investors.

Celer Network now has a market capitalization of over $ 600 million with a turnover of over $ 360 million in 24 hours.

Several recent projects have been launched by Celer Network, one of which has come to the fore, ‘WePiggy’ in collaboration with Celer Network to develop the DeFi cross-chain ecosystem.

๐ŸŒ‰ Excited to partner with @wepiggydotcom and add Celer cBridge to make users' life easier to get into and out of L2 rollups in minutes instead of 7 days!

๐ŸŽ‰ Bring Multi-chain DeFi ecosystem to mass adoption together!

- CelerNetwork (@CelerNetwork) September 15, 2021

As a first step, WePiggy will add a gateway to its app to give users an alternative cross-chain bridge solution, called "cBridge", powered by Celer Network.

Interesting if seen on the current movement chart of the CELR/USDT price.

The September trading session, CELR can be seen to have produced a 170% jump reaching the latest ATH of $ 0.1086 in the past few hours.

From a technical point of view, CELR is seen to remain with a bulllish trend and is hovering in the $ 0.1030 resistance zone.

For the next expectation, the price movement is seen as likely to break the resistance zone of $ 0.1030 and then will make the latest ATH in a row if it remains with the bullish trend.

However, if the price movement returns to see a bearish pattern, the $ 0.0900 RBS (resistance become support) zone should be tested first before continuing the decline to lower levels.

At the time of writing, CELR is trading at the $ 0.10 price level jumping over 30% in the last 24 hours.

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