September 24, 2021

RippleX Launches First XRPL Grant

 RippleX has announced the first phase of its grant to promote the development of XRP Ledger to date.

The matter was announced today via RippleX’s official tweet.

Introducing the awardees of the inaugural #XRPL Grants Program! Learn why 25 grantees from 10+ countries were granted ~ $ 2M to build innovative new projects on the #XRPLedger:

- RippleX (@RippleXDev) September 23, 2021

RippleX is an extension to Ripple, representing the network’s initiative to develop open -ended development platforms for money. RippleX also supports the core technologies that dominate Ripple’s solutions for businesses.

According to reports, more than 100 developers have applied for the program in an effort to raise funds.

The results revealed RippleX only selected 25 grant recipients from 10 countries and had awarded them funds of around $ 2 million.

Some of the aspects considered by RippleX include the selection of several issues such as:

Development of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Learning requirements for interaction with XRPL.

Payment solutions and securities.

Three of them are part of the University Blockchain Research Initiative developed by Ripple.

Meanwhile, music streaming platform Audiotarky, 3D visualization project Ledger City, and XRPL pioneer, Bithomb have each received $ 200,000.