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September 6, 2021

Pos Malaysia Signs SEDANIA Joint Contract

 Through SEDANIA Innovator Bhd's (SEDANIA) subsidiary, SEDANIA Technologies Sdn Bhd has entered into a contract with Pos Malaysia to reduce energy consumption.

SEDANIA Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ruppert said the latest effort was an important milestone for SEDANIA to expand green technology solutions into the logistics and supply chain industries.

"We hope that it can help Pos Malaysia in reducing operating costs and achieving goals based on the concept of mutual savings," he said.

In the meantime, SEDANIA will provide technology through the Energy Performance Contract framework which allows organizations to achieve their respective objectives and governance.

Judging by the report, Pos Malaysia has sent more than 6.7 million packages in 2020 through the Pos Laju SendParcel service which generated revenue of RM45.5 million.

The contract is expected to begin with the deployment of renewable energy efficiency and solutions at eight selected Pos Malaysia locations in the Klang Valley.

Moreover, it is scheduled to start this year and be completed within three months.