The Ziliqa Community (ZIL) Is Excited With The Appearance Of The NFT Platform This September 15!

 Ziliqa (ZIL) will accommodate a multi-platform, covering several functions including mining, storage, and non-fungible token (NFT) trading.

The latest news was announced by Switcheo Network on Friday last week.

A new #NFT marketplace launched by #Switcheo is coming to @ZilSwap!

Read all about it here 👇https: //

- Switcheo (@SwitcheoNetwork) September 4, 2021

Based on the announcement, Ziliqa’s decentralized financial hub, Switcheo Labs through a partnership with ZilSwap wants to create a more inclusive accessible NFT ecosystem.

Not only that, the marketplace is developed with Ethereum (ETH) interoperability features with a cross-chain presence powered by Switcheo Network.

That way, NFT initiatives in Ethereum can migrate to Ziliqa.

Switcheo Network believes the presence of the NFT sector in their ecosystem will also further sustain ZilSwap's position as a leading platform in Ziliqa.

The NFT marketplace is expected to launch on September 15, 2021, along with a limited collection of NFTs from The Bear Market.

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